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We make energy measurable.

Look here to get an overview of the functions and modules. Together we make a tailor-made package for you and your team.

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rotorsoft takes care of your data.

Benefit from our many years of expertise: With rotorsoft, we are able to read out a wide variety of control systems and other data-supplying elements of your plants, display them in your system and prepare them for further evaluation.

The interface you need is not yet available? No problem, we will program it for you.

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The dashboard gives a quick overview of data of all plants and parks in your portfolio in various panels.


The map shows the parks and the plants, as well as the components and addresses. With path-tools you can paint objects like access routes and cable ducts in freely defined map layers.


Appointments, Deadlines and tasks arise with every job. The integrated calendar in rotorsoft helps you to plan and keep them.

weather forecast

rotorsoft offers an integrated weather forecast that works with official weather service data and supports you in planning measures and operations.

Operation management and monitoring

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Maintenance schedule

The maintenance schedule is a calendar listing of all planned processes over a definable period of time and is available for download as a PDF document.


rotorsoft is of course able to send and receive emails. With our extensive filter module you can initiate fully automatic processes.


In the case of certain activities, individuals or groups of people can be automatically informed.

Contract management

Record and monitor all project-related contracts with integrated deadline alerting. Create, check and send invoices and credit notes of any kind.

Raw Data

Get an overview of the original data of your plants. Correct measurement errors and retain the original data in an audit-proof manner.

Market Value

The rotorsoft feature for calculating the market value allows you to compare the location of your plant with those of other plants on the German market with regard to the development of the exchange price over time. This puts you in a better position when negotiating prices with your power trader.


With the transactions function, you can enter payments from invoices and credit notes and allocate or distribute them to individual plants. You can also convert your income equalisation payments into a theoretical production and use these values for evaluations.

Team Filter

Use team filters to adapt your rotorsoft system to the team structures in your company. You can map responsibilities as you wish using predefinable filters. You can then switch between them with a simple click of the mouse.


The multi-client capability in rotorsoft also allows you to set up restricted access for third parties, such as your customers and business partners.

Rights Management

With our comprehensive rights management, access rights to functions as well as attachments or parks are assigned in such a way that everyone in the team or even your customers only see what they actually need.

SOAP Interface

Our SOAP interface offers a variety of query methods to store data in rotorsoft or to gain data from rotorsoft and process it further, for example to connect third-party software.