App. App. Hooray!

Here you can download our DrehPunkt- and rotorsoft app.

DrehPunkt App

With the DrehPunkt App you can receive current information on our website derectly as a push-notification.

Additionally we offer you the opportunity to book free admission tickets for trade fairs.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store

With the you have your wind- or solar parks always in your pocket. This “little sister” of rotorsoft is an application for mobile devices that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of operators and investors due to its ease of use.

Google Play Store | Android APK | Apple App Store


Here you will find all the necessary tools for our support to help you with your questions.

Support Client

With the support client our support has the opportunity to view the content of your PC screen.

In order for our support to be able to access your computer, you must download the support client, start it and then give our support employee the displayed code "Your ID" (consisting of 9 digits).

Don’t worry: as soon as you close the support client, access to your computer is no longer possible.

ATTENTION: If you already started TeamViewer on your computer, close it before you start our support client!.

Download the support client

TeamViewer 12

For the remote maintenance of your PCs we usually use TeamViewer.

Here you can download the TeamViewer version we use.

We use TeamViewer12_Host_Setup.exe for computers and servers to make them accessible via TeamViewer for the remote maintenance.

TeamViewer12_Setup.exe is required for workstation computers to access computers with installed "TeamViewer Host".