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On Premise

The cloud system is a rotorsoft system that is installed on a server in our company. It is connected by a 1 Gbit dedicated line. In this way we achieve a very high availability of the system.

All cloud customers work on one big rotorsoft system. We take over the expansion, maintenance and care of the system.

The cloud solution implies a monthly fee. Communication costs which may incur are not included.

This package offers all the advantages of the rotorsoft On-Premises package and additionally includes the fact that your rotorsoft system is operated by us in an air-conditioned server room.

The system is redundantly connected to the Internet via a dedicated line and can be accessed from any Internet connection.

We take care of the daily backup of your data and automatically monitor your rotorsoft system.

We charge a monthly fee for the Managed Server service.

When you purchase a complete system, we install rotorsoft on your own hardware. Web and database servers as well as communication computers are hosted and operated in your company. This way, you retain full control and responsibility over all data.

You get the full functionality of rotorsoft and can adjust all settings so that rotorsoft adapts to your business processes.

The one-off purchase price depends on the number of plants to be monitored and the modules to be implemented.


Full range of functions

Owning a licence

Use of own hardware and dedicated line



Server location Germany

own server location


IT service, air conditioning, UPS, connection

on request


Maintenance by DrehPunkt

on request


on request


on request

on request


Fixed price

Monthly fee

This option is useful for...

Portfolio with less than 30 plants

Portfolio with more than 30 plants and without a suitable infrastructure

Portfolio with more than 30 plants and own suitable infrastructure