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> 125 interfaces

to connect your plant.

> 170 customers

are using rotorsoft worldwide.

> 47 gigawatts

are monitored by rotorsoft.

The german marketleader for renewable energy plant management

Accelerate, optimise and automate complex process flows in the operational management and monitoring of renewable energy plants with rotorsoft. With our professional, manufacturer-independent software product, we offer the market-leading application in Germany, which is used to manage over 47 gigawatts worldwide.

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Your plant portfolio is individual and multifaceted. However, you still keep the overview. Since rotorsoft works manufacturer-independent, you can compare the pure, unfiltered data from different locations or manufacturers and compare the plants directly. Automatic background analyses and notifications in the case of target deviations facilitate your work.

As a side effect, a well-maintained database is also forward-looking. Save facts and correlations today of that you don't know what they will be worth one day.

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With the rotorsoft Dashboard you have the most important information of your plants at a glance. For a detailed insight in the correlations of the facility data there are comprehensive analysing tools which show statistics about your turbines – irrespective of the producer.

With the integrated standard report, you issue the most important analyses as PDF documents. We also like to orientate towards your imaginations and issue a tailor-made report.

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You will find in rotorsoft the most tools you need for your daily work. So you shorten distances which saves your time. With rotorsoft, different plants can be monitored by the same person – this enhances the efficiency in your team. You save money by benefitting from our professional feed-in management module: From the calculation of the production losses until the optimised billing we provide you with everything.

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Beside our software product itself, we also have a personal support. Due to our large customer base we gain insight into the most various business processes and can so offer profound consultancy. You too can be a beneficiary of our experiences.

Our regular seminars, in which we provide you with the basics and the variety of functions of rotorsoft, are also a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences with other professionals from the industry.

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The diversity of rotorsoft

rotorsoft provides a wide range of analysis functions as well as technical and commercial features and modules, which reach from a 24h-live-monitoring, to a semi-automated invoicing of revenue losses, up to a report on the annual accounts. We arrange a costumised package with you, consisting of the most important basics and exactly the modules, which you and your team need for an efficient work routine.

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Utilization, performance forecast, wind forecast and electricity prices at a glance. The dashboard shows you a quick overview of the most important data from all plants and parks in your portfolio by using various panels.


EEG Feed-in Management

On the EisMan-Dashboard you have an overview over the load profile of the meter and the occurred service operations, as well as a summary of all steps of an EisMan-settlement. With our optimization assistant you will find the optimal parameters to calculate EisMan operations.

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The map shows the parks and the plants, as well as the components and addresses. With path-tools you can paint objects like access routes and cable ducts in freely defined map layers.


Power curve

Store power curves in the administrator view of rotorsoft.

Calculate own power curves on the base of measured values and compare them with the stored power curves. This way you can evaluate the performance of your plants and see whether a plant is in a defective state.

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The logbook is the central instrument of rotorsoft. Here all events are edited and prepared for evaluation. You can track processes and analyse the state of the plants and their behaviour.

Due to a clever summarisation, start- and subsequent events of event chains can be highlighted. By this the availability can be proper calculated and depicted. The rule-based automatic summary increases your effectiveness.

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