The logbook is the central instrument of rotorsoft. Here all events are edited and prepared for evaluation. You can track processes and analyse the state of the plants and their behaviour.

Within the rotorsoft system the logbook is e.g. responsible for the processing, conversion and display of the incoming original events of a plant as well as the further processing of user-defined events. The system can use the logbook to determine the status of systems at specific times and thus also calculate their availability regardless of the manufacturer.

Due to a clever summarisation, start- and subsequent events of event chains can be highlighted. By this the availability can be proper calculated and depicted. The rule-based automatic summary increases your effectiveness.

Our logbook also has a process management system that you can use to plan upcoming work, such as maintenance and cyclical checks, and to monitor compliance with the relevant deadlines. The entries are u. a. also available for your reporting and can be provided with security-relevant information.